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Fall 2015

Last weekend Sosso and I went with our dogs to visit my friend Susanne at Firewoods Kennel. As always we had a great day, even if Roller was a big pain in the ass due to Irie’s heat. And for once we mange to get pictures of Roller that truly show how he look like; not that “bully” and wide in the front, as he often looks like on pictures.

On the pictures below you can see; Roller, Irie and Lava.
Roller 3 years old. Irie 4 years old. Roller 3 years old.

Lava Lava

Stud inquires

Just a small clarification in regards to use our males as studs!

  1. The female should obtain a pedigree that we feel are equally good and well thought out, preferably within the same type or another “pure” of its kind.
  2. The female should be health tested with at least the following tests: Ataxia, Hips and Elbows.
  3. We would never travel with the studs for you to be able to use them. Either you come to our home or we could also offer fresh chilled semen or frozen semen.

Since Sindelar’s Lively Up Yourself “Roller” arrived to Europe we have had some stud requests, however most of the time, people think that we would come with him to their home. Again, that would never happen. So please do not inquire any of our dogs if you are not willing to travel to use them

We use a storage facility in Germany for frozen semen; soon Sindelar’s Lively Up Yourself will also be available at the same storage facility. As of now we only store CH Pearl’s Own Sir Gallant.

Roller three years old

Roller turned three years old the 10th of July and it was time to take new pictures of him. He has developed a lot since he arrived from Canada early 2014.  I want to thank my friend Paula Lindqvist for helping me out with the pictures. For more pictures, look under the menu option “Pictures”.


Roller X Saiya

We are happy to announce Roller’s first litter. The litter was confirmed by ultrasound today and I wish my friends Cezar and Cristina all the best with the babies. For any inquiries



As we don’t have any litters planned for ourselves we would like to recommend a litter born at Temple De Gaia in France. This litter is out of CH Pear’s Own Sir Gallant and Esperanza Of Gaia De Cans Juansa. There is more information posted about the litter under the “litter” section.

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Yesterday I received new pictures of Jacky. As she’s not living with either Nick or me we don’t get to see her that often. I must say that I was happily surprised with how she developed the passed months. Next on the schedule will be her health testing.

10866222_10205264142356659_2734900575425756957_o 10943803_10205264142316658_8330267309758272999_o


This weekend I decided to film Roller and Irie to give a better few of how they really look like. Roller still need stack training before he’s ready to go out in the show-ring again. Before I decided not to show Irie I had her trained, guess she remembered it as you can see on the video. Something that I really like with Irie is her happy and outgoing personality, that’s something I strive to produce in the future.

Sindelar’s Lively Up Yourself “Roller”

Pageant’s Get It Right “Irie”

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Health testing

The year is 2015 and I have never seen so many litters announce with none health tested parents.

Since I got involved in the breed American Staffordshire Terrier 9 years ago I would never had imagine that people would ignore health testing as much as they do. Everyday I see a new “Top Litter” announce on my feed; at least fifty percent of those litters are planned after none health tested parents. Still they would charge you the same amount of money for a puppy. When not even the well-known breeders health test their dogs, what signal does that send to the beginners, puppy buyers etc?

A show title seem more important than the health. People gladly spend thousands of dollars to have their dogs titled, yet no health testing. Are they afraid that the dogs wont pass or is it as simply that they don’t really care about the health? Lately we can also see young males, just over one years old stud females, why the rush?

Nowadays we got all the equipment we need for health testing so there are no excuses to not do it, not in my book.

Can someone tell me a good reason not to health test?

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Day trip

Last week Roller and I went to visit my friend Susanne, owner of Firewoods Kennel. Susanne and her family lives about 1.5 hour away from me with bus and ferries out on the islands. The view behind her house is just breathtaking and I must admit that I envy her for living in such a beautiful place. We tried to shoot some photos of Roller but the camera didn’t want to corporate with us; might have something to do with the ice-cold weather.

We did mange to get few good once, with her camera and my cellphone.

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